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From better-for-you snacks made with less sugar to products brimming with beneficial probiotics to pasta made with pulses, we had an opportunity to sample and sip a medley of new and nutritious food products at the 2016 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Boston. Tune in to this week's show to hear what's coming to a supermarket near you (or may already be there)! 


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Peanuts provide powerful nutrition. Eating them plays a positive role in heart disease prevention and weight control, and every handful brings fiber, protein, and good fats to the diet. On today's show, we share some of our favorite peanut-powered recipes including: Strawberry Peanut Overnight Oats, Soba Noodles with Peanuts, Carrots, and Snow Peas, and tips for packing a healthy snack bin in your pantry and fridge for your family filled with dried fruit, peanuts, whole grain crackers, sliced veggies, fresh fruit, cheese sticks, yogurt, and more. 

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