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On today's show, we're talking turkey. That's right. Even though it's not Thanksgiving, we're still super excited about turkey! The many cuts of turkey work wonders at breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack time. Turkey Jerky anyone? And when it comes to grilling season, you'll definitely want to turn to turkey. On the show, we dish about the nutritional benefits of turkey (24 grams of protein in just 3 ounces!) and share two new recipes: Asian Grilled Turkey Tenderloin with Pineapple and Grilled Broccoli with Garlic.  For more information, visit Eat Turkey

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Struggling with picky eaters? Looking for new ways to add variety, good nutrition, and kid-friendly flavors to everyday meals? Stuck in a snack rut? In our 5-part blog series, we offer over two dozen tips for improving your family's diet TODAY! Our series includes tips on Marketing Good Nutrition to Kids, Weaving (not sneaking) Nutrient-Rich Ingredients into Everything You Make, Giving Snacks a Healthy Makeover, Slashing Added Sugar from your Diet, and Adding Extra Fiber to the Diet Every Day. You're going to be inspired and excited to take your family's diet from ho hum to sensational after you listen to this podcast! 

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There is no such thing as the Fountain of Youth, but a growing body of research shows that taking care of the 100 trillion good bacteria that live in your gut can have a positive impact on your health. Everything from your immune system to your mood and your body weight are is impacted by the gut microbiota. And what you eat and your lifestyle can play a major role in the vitality of your gut microbes. For example, eating a diet rich in fiber from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes is the fuel good bacteria need to grow and thrive. And consuming fermented foods which contain good bacteria is also important. Playing in the dirt, believe it or not, can also build up your bugs. For all the news on the human microbiota, tune in for our interview with Erica Sonnenburg, PhD, author of The Good Gut

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