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What does your family love best for breakfast? Pancakes or French toast? On this week's show, we dig into that question with two new recipes: Pumpkin Maple Pancakes and Blueberry Banana French Toast in a Mug. On the show, we're also joined by Josh Funk, author of the adorable new illustrated children's book, Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast. This tasty tale follows two delicious characters, Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast, as they race through a food-filled fridge to find the last drop of Maple Syrup. You won't want to miss this hilarious show or the giveaway of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast! 

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Every year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics hosts FNCE, the Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo. This year it was in Nashville, and we were there to soak in the music, southern charm, and the latest food trends and nutrition news. From vegetarian sources of protein (i.e. pasta made with beans!) to probiotics to sprouted grains and seeds, the themes of this year's conference were simple, wholesome, and plant based. Trends tracker and the voice behind the blog, Nutrition Unplugged, Janet Helm, MS, RD, joins us on the show to discuss the latest food news and to chat about some of the lectures we attended. David Katz, MD shed light on the world's "best" diet and celebrity chef, Marcus Samuellson talked about eating with a spiritual compass. Tune in to this week's show for so much more. 

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Move over Granny Smith. Watch out Macintosh. There's a new apple variety in town called Ambrosia, and consumers love it because it's naturally sweet, crispy, and juicy. It tastes like honey !You can snack on Ambrosia apples out of hand or use them in a variety of recipes --- everything from Autumn Egg Salad and Apple, Bacon and Maple Syrup Flatbread Pizza to luscious crisps. On this week's show, Liz travels to Wenatchee, WA to learn how Ambrosia apples are grown, hand picked, and shipped to supermarkets across the U.S. (and the world!). Websites of interest relating to the show include the following: Liz's recap of the,, Cave B Estate Winery, Pybus Public Market, Silvara Winery

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