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The city of Amsterdam is home to Rembrandt, the Anne Frank House, more bicycles than people, tulips, spectacular cheese chops (Gouda anyone!?), the best Dutch apple pie ever, a food scene that embraces local and sustainably grown produce, and a place where a growing number of chefs has declared themselves, "ambassadors for nature." (We love that.) Recently, we traveled to the quaint Dutch capital for Food 3000, an annual educational meeting for food and nutrition communicators. We dished all about our adventures on this week's show, so enjoy!

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The Fountain of Youth may seem too good to be true, but you can get one step closer if you follow the plan laid out in Younger Next Week, a new book written by dietitian, Elisa Zied. In the book, Elisa outlines some of the habits that sabotage vitality, reveals the Vital Foods that defy aging, and shares the Vital Moves to keep you feeling young. On the show, we also cook up a recipe from the book for Asian Peanut Chicken, brimming with anti-aging antioxidants. Tune in for Elisa's secrets and a chance to win a copy of Younger Next Week.

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