Cooking with the Moms
What are your favorite go-to family dinners? For Tina Ruggiero, a fellow dietitian, friend, and author of The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook, it's recipes like All-Star Kale and Potato Frittata, Caribbean Sammy, The Marvelous Mediterranean, and Best Pesto Scramble. Tina is a creative cook whose goal with the new book is to inspire moms (and dads) everywhere to bring new foods and flavors to the family table. We interviewed Tina on this week's show for some fresh mealtime ideas ... and shared a few of our own.
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Our show this week features random musings about the great restaurants we've been to lately, our Thanksgiving dinners complete with sweet potato casseroles and Brussels sprouts (Brussels sprouts are the new black), Liz's trip to the Chicago area for a tour of the new Kraft headquarters and an insider look at their new-and-improved Singles, and a recipe for Tuscan Ham & Cheese Melts. When we said the show was random, we meant it!
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