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What's the best part of your Thanksgiving dinner? The family and friends? The turkey? The side dishes? On this week's show, we share our favorite Turkey Day recipes including our now-famous Sweet Potato Casserole, and we cook up a recipe using leftovers: Turkey Wild Rice Casserole. Tune in and join the adventure.
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Janice and Don just returned from a one-week trip to Denmark where they visited their daughter, Carolyn, who is spending a college semester abroad. On this week's show, Janice shares her adventures eating and cycling (well, sort of!) her way through the oh-so-trendy city of Copenhagen. Find out if she ate Danish for breakfast, why restaurants serve up woolen blankets at dinner, and hear about the healthy lifestyle (minus the cigarette smoking) that many Danes lead. Also, hear from Kiersten Brochner, owner of the "green" Kong Arthur Hotel and from Carolyn!
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