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As dietitian and moms, we'll take fruit any way we can get it: fresh, frozen, dried ... you name it. On a recent shopping trip to Trader Joes, Janice grabbed a bag of dried cherries. Why? Because (a) we haven't used them much for snacking or cooking and (b) our friend and fellow dietitian, Wendy Bazilian, does some consulting work for the Cherry Marketing Institute (an organization funded by North American tart cherry growers and processors), and her enthusiasm for this super fruit is so strong, we simply couldn't resist. Tune into the show to hear about the nutritional benefits of tart cherries and to savor a new recipe for Cherry-Banana Raisin Bread Pudding.
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Last May, we featured a blog post and podcast on the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. Today, we're baaaack with the African Heritage Diet Pyramid compliments of our friends at Oldways. This pyramid celebrates the foods and traditional healthy eating pattern of African heritage with roots in America, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. Many of our favorite foods are featured on the new food-guidance icon: nutrient-rich greens, whole grains, beans, fresh fruits, tubers like sweet potatoes, herbs and spices, and seafood. On this week's podcast, we had an opportunity to chat about the pyramid with registered dietitian, Constance Brown-Riggs, diabetes expert, author, and consultant with Oldways. We also featured a kid-friendly, Caribbean-inspired recipe for Hearty Pumpkin Soup.
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Are you bored with breakfast? Looking for new ways to add more zing and good nutrition to your family's morning meal? Wondering if your breakfast table has enough protein to sustain you and your kids throughout the day? On this week's show, we serve up a smorgasbord of new breakfast nibbles, a primer on protein, and a new recipe for a Peanut Butter Breakfast Shake. We also share two pancake recipes -- Strawberry-Topped Peanut Butter Pancakes and Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes.
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It's not every day you get to meet a professional football player, but last week, we found ourselves at a "secret" location outside Boston where New England Patriots player, Wes Welker, was being photographed for this week's Super Bowl-inspired Milk Mustache ad. We've done some work for the Got Milk campaign in the past and know some of the folks who help to pull these ads together. We were thrilled when they invited us to the photo shoot ... and even more thrilled to find out it was Wes (yes, we're now on a first name basis). Tune in for a behind-the-scenes peek at our afternoon at the Milk Mustache photo shoot and for two new and nutritious Super Bowl party recipes: Super Bowl Buffalo Chicken Dip and Corn and Carrot Chowder.
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