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Who knew reading could be so delicious! At Hooray for Books in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Mary Murphy, a former kindergarten teacher and mother of five (yes, you heard that right!), blends a love for reading with a dash of humor and a pinch of cooking. On this week's show, we take a road trip to Hooray for Books where Mary reads The Pea Patch Jig to these pint-size "Chefs in Training" and then gathers them 'round for a hands-on cooking class. On the menu today: Mrs. Murphy's Famous Zucchini Bread. Mary says that by showing children how to cook, they become more invested at mealtime and more likely to try new foods. We couldn't agree more!
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September 29th is World Heart Day, so we decided to devote this week's show to easy tips for eating and savoring a heart-healthy diet. Back in the day, a heart-healthy diet was far from satisfying and quite restrictive. Eggs, nuts, and shrimp were often off limits, and people were urged to opt for fat-free fare. Today, research shows that a heart-healthy diet can and should include a wide array of mouth-watering and nutrient-rich foods: eggs, seafood and shellfish, canola oil (the lowest in saturated fat of all the popular cooking oils) and other good-for-you fats, nuts, fruits and veggies and so much more! On the show we feature two recipes; Bistro Chicken Salad and Quick Dark Chocolate Brownies. Both feature ingredients like canola oil, which research shows can help to reduce heart disease risk.
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