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A recent study on Temperature of Foods Sent by Parents of Preschool-aged Children found that most sack lunches are kept at unsafe temperatures, and researchers say this could lead to foodborne illness in kids. On this week's podcast, we share important tips for keeping school lunches out of the temperature "danger zone" of 40 degrees F to 140 degrees F where bacteria can grow. We also serve up a new recipe for Curry Chicken Salad Wraps" and some exciting giveaway news. Oh, and hold onto your hats folks: September is National Food Safety Education Month, so there's no time like the present to give your lunch box-packing routine a food safety makeover!
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How did summer fly by so quickly? Janice's daughter, Leah, went back to school yesterday; Liz's boys go back next Wednesday. As our families adjust to early morning alarm clocks, homework, and piano lessons we thought it would be fun to create a new back-to-school snack recipe our kids and yours would enjoy. Our latest recipe for Banana Peanut Butter Muffins" hits the spot with our crew --- they're always starving when they get off the school bus --- and provides a boatload of great nutrition thanks to the peanuts and peanut butter. On the show, we share the recipe as well as favorite go-snack ideas from our Facebook fans and Twitter followers.
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For two long centuries, consumers have been preserving food by canning local and seasonal produce grown in backyard gardens and purchased at farmers' markets. Home canning, or "putting up" as it's often called, is growing in popularity --- sales of canning equipment are up 30% --- and now, we, The Meal Makeover Moms have taken the plunge and are jumping on the nationwide canning craze. On this week's show, we feature a recipe for Bread and Butter Pickles" and an interview with home gardening and canning guru, Mo Gouin". Mo is a friend of Janice’s parents, and his New Hampshire vegetable garden will amaze you!
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Family dinners provides an opportunity for parents to role model good eating habits, and we know from recent research that when children and teens share family meals, they are more likely to maintain a healthy body weight and eat a healthy diet and less likely to engage in disordered eating practices. In the real world, however, even if you put a dynamite meal on the dinner table, in some households, finicky eaters may push their food away, active toddlers may prefer playing with toys to sitting still at the table, and busy teens who bounce from activity to activity may grab dinner and eat it on the run. Given those scenarios, we decided to conduct a comprehensive review of mealtime "games" designed to keep families (especially children) engaged at the dinner table. This week’s show offers a look of our favorite dinner games, conversation starter kits, placemats, and playful utensils.
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If recipes for Four-Fruit Compote, Fabulously Fried Sweet Potatoes, and Very Veggie "Meat" Balls sound good to you, imagine how delicious they'll be when your baby or toddler tries them. On this week's show, we caught up with Tina Ruggiero, registered dietitian and author of the playful new cookbook, The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet. Filled with 200 recipes created for six to 23-month old children and helpful mealtime tips, Tina's book exposes babies and toddlers to a wide array of colorful and nutrient-rich foods. Tina believes that when babies are introduced to avocados, papaya, leeks, lentils and other super-healthy foods, they're more likely to eat and enjoy a varied diet when they grow up.
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