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Whole grains --- farro, wheat berries, quinoa, barley, bulgur --- are nutritious and their wide array of textures and flavors offer endless possibilities at the table. On this week's show, we talk to Maria Speck, author of the beautifully-illustrated new cookbook, Ancient Grains for Modern Meals about the benefits and culinary versatility of whole grains. We met up with Maria at her home and prepared a delicious lunch featuring recipes from her book: Mediterranean Mussels with Farro and White Wine, Bulgur with Butter-Roasted Almonds, and a wheat berry fool for dessert.
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Here in New England, we count the days until summer. Why? Because it's so darn cold and snowy the rest of the year! This summer has turned out to be warm and sunny, and the bounty of fresh produce has been something to celebrate. On this week's show, we share a new recipe for Sweet Carrot Ginger Soup, dish about Janice's July 4th visit to her parent's lake house in N.H., travel with Liz to Nantucket for some fresh, seasonal island nibbles, and reveal what's growing at our CSAs and in our backyard vegetable gardens. It's a fabulous show --- no, make that a terrific show --- and you definitely won't want to miss it.
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When we think "summer," we think fresh, colorful salads tossed with zesty homemade dressings. While store-bought dressings may be convenient, making dressings from scratch with a handful of simple ingredients -- things like evoo, vinegar, lemon juice, honey, fresh herbs, and garlic -- can be almost as convenient...not to mention fast and flavorful. On this week's show, we talk to Kirsten, a fan and a mother of two from California who also happens to work for the California Olive Ranch company. She shares her expertise on olive oil -- how it's made, the best way to store it, its many health benefits -- and chats with us about two family-friendly salad recipes: Greek Village Salad and Sweet Basil Dressing. Tune in for the recipes as well as news on the Seasons Best Salad Recipe Contest hosted by California Olive Ranch (you could be a winner)!!
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