Cooking with the Moms
Last week, we hopped in Liz's Toyota hybrid and drove from Boston to the Big Apple. The reason: We were scheduled to appear on Better TV for a segment on Tips for Feeding Picky Teens and Tweens. During the trip, we also feasted on fabulous meals at the Four Seasons Restaurant and Pomodoro and had an opportunity to meet with editors at Kiwi magazine and Every Day with Rachael Ray. Tune in to hear all about our foodie adventures in NYC, get a recipe for Chocolate Soufflé Cakes with Berries, and find out who we ran into at Better TV (hint: she's married to The Donald)!
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From breathtaking fjords to fresh fish plucked straight from the sea and delivered minutes later to the table, Norway is a country filled with dramatic landscapes, sensational seafood, and endless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Janice recently traveled to this Nordic nation with six fellow dietitians on a culinary adventure sponsored by the Norwegian Seafood Export Council. Her group -- clad in rain gear and waterproof boots -- toured salmon farms and sardine plants, learned about the latest research on seafood and health, cooked at the Norwegian Culinary Institute, and even took a thrilling ocean rafting ride through the fjords of Bergen. Tune into this week's podcast to hear all about Janice's Norwegian food and fitness adventure.
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