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Last weekend, Janice took a knife skills class at a cool cooking school called ArtEpicure, located in the historic Brickbottom Artists Building in Somerville, MA. The event was sponsored by the Massachusetts Dietetic Association, so during the day, she enjoyed the company of nine other knife-wielding registered dietitians. The group practiced proper technique for slicing, dicing, and knife sharpening, discovered the difference between a brunoise and a chiffonade, and most importantly, learned how not to slice off the tips of their fingers! We dish all about it on this week's podcast.
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To celebrate Valentine's Day, we decided to give chocolate cupcakes a healthy makeover. As moms, we're often asked by our children (and sometimes their teachers) to bake "something special" for Valentine's Day, and on this week's show, we deliver! Rather than use sticks of butter and cupfuls of sugar, we baked up a new recipe for Berry Good Chocolate Cupcakes using good-for-you ingredients like wild blueberries, canola oil, and whole wheat flour. Our mini cupcakes are rich and delicious...without all the saturated fat and calories. On the show, we also savor some of dark chocolate's health benefits.
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If feeding your family is driving you crazy -- perhaps you have a picky eater who is less than enthusiastic about trying your healthy homemade meals -- it's time to jump into the mealtime driver's seat and take control of the wheel. On this week's podcast, we explore the science of picky eating with dietitian Maryann Jacobsen from the blog, Raise Healthy Eaters. Maryann recently wrote a comprehensive 5-part series on Picky Eating (it's a great read!) and she joins us this week to discuss why kids are picky (it's perfectly normal), common mealtime mistakes parents make, and picky eater solutions. You won’t want to miss this show!
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