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When it comes to feeding the public, celebrity chef and Food Network host, Tyler Florence is known for his uncomplicated recipes, bright flavors, and fresh food. And when it comes to feeding his family, this dynamic dad is clearly devoted to good nutrition. On this week's show, we caught up with Tyler to talk about his three kids, the importance of sharing family meals, and some clever ways to get picky eaters to try new foods. Tyler was in Boston for the National "got milk?" Milk Mustache Mobile Tour to discuss the importance of "milking the moment at mealtime." Tyler shared a recipe for Roasted Broccoli with Crispy Parmesan and Lemon and he also offered up a few autographed copies of his cookbooks for a Meal Makeover Moms' Kitchen giveaway.
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How many times have you been in the middle of making a recipe only to discover you're out of a key ingredient? We can certainly relate to that! Thanks to Substituting Ingredients: The A to Z Kitchen Reference (Sourcebooks, 2010) by Becky Sue Epstein, the next time you run out of pumpkin pie spice, or teriyaki sauce, or even an egg, you'll be able to swap it in no time with something else from your pantry. Besides her substitution tips (don't have a cardoon ... no worries!), Becky also reveals common yields (did you know 1 pound of potatoes yields 1 ¾-cups mashed?), remedies for fixing common kitchen disasters, and household formulas. Be sure to check out our blog post for more information on this indispensable guide.
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At this year's BlogHer 2010 conference, everyone from food and fashion bloggers to mommy bloggers gathered in New York City to network and learn about new ways to blog better. We were there too, and on this week's show, we share our adventures. Highlights included working at the Got Milk booth and posing for a bloggers'-only Milk Mustache ad, attending educational sessions on photography and web analytics, and dining at some of New York's most delicious restaurants. Tune in for all the fun.
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If Grilled Pork with Pineapple Pizzazz whets your appetite, be sure to tune into this week's Cooking with the Moms podcast. On the show, we join fellow podcasters for the Summer 2010 Podcast Project where we dish about our favorite summertime food adventures. Although we've been super busy this summer finishing the manuscript for our new cookbook, we've each enjoyed flavorful and nutritious meals prepared on the outdoor grill.
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