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What are your favorite family cookbooks and how do you read them? For this week's show, we asked our fans and followers to share their cookbook reading habits, and it turns out that many read cookbooks like a novel. Others thumb through the recipes, see what catches their eye and then shop for the ingredients...while others look through the index for ingredients already on hand and then get cooking from there. During the show, we also share recipes for The Best Cookie Ever and Vegetarian EnchiladasVegetarian Enchiladas.
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This week's show is all about soy. Soybeans are a type of legume native to Southest Asia. They may be tiny, but soybeans are the most widely grown legume in the world with about 210 million tons cultivated annually. That's a lot of beans! Foods made from soy include tofu, soymilk, edamame, soynuts, miso (soy paste), tempeh, soy burgers and soynut butter. To explain how soy foods can fit into a healthy family diet we invited pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene, author of several books including Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green, to be a guest on the show. Soy foods often find their way on to Dr. Greene's dinner table (he has four kids), so we asked him to weigh in on the health benefits of soy, the difference between whole and processed soy, and the role soy may play in heart disease and cancer prevention. We also have a recipe to share for Tropical Soymilk Smoothie.
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Lately, we've been up to our elbows in recipe testing for the new book. So when Eggland's Best Eggs invited us to a food blogger's dinner in downtown Boston, we jumped at the opportunity (plus, they've been our podcast sponsor since the show launched, so we were eager to meet them). At their Breakfast for Dinner event, we met fellow food bloggers from the Boston area, and had an opportunity to sample some delicious egg-inspired dishes: French Toast with Warm Vermont Maple Syrup, Linguini Carbonara, and Duck Omelet made with duck confit, crumbled blue cheese, and baby spinach. We also learned about the new-and-improved EB eggs – they provide vitamins D and E, lutein (an antioxidant good for eye health), and omega-3 fats. On the show, we also feature a kid-friendly recipe for Crispy Kale Chips (you'll have to listen to find out what kale chips have to do with eggs)!
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What's happening in your community to improve the school lunch menu? On today's show we join the school lunch revolution with an overview of several initiatives going on across the country to reform school lunch programs. From Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution to Chef Ann Cooper's mission to transform highly processed school food to highly nourishing food, we explore some of the innovative programs taking place from coast to coast. We also share some kid-friendly brown bag ideas including a recipe for a Healthy Hero.
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