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Every year, we attend the annual meeting of the American Dietetic Association. It's called FNCE (Food & Nutrition Conference and Exposition). This year, we had an opportunity to sample a wide array of healthy new food products, sure to appear in a supermarket near you. Some of our favorite new foods included Chobani Greek yogurt for kids, Larabar (we like their new PB&J flavor), barramundi, a sustainably raised farmed fish, and Welch's 100% grape juice with fiber.
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Halloween is one of our kids' favorite days of the year. But let's face it: All that candy can be a bit much. If you're looking for a healthy "treat" for your little ghosts and goblins, try our Carrot Camouflage Cupcakes. They're made with healthy ingredients like carrots, whole wheat flour, and canola oil, and they're perfect for a neighborhood party or as something special when the kids get home from school. In addition to the recipe, on this week's show, we also share some scary stories about the food mistakes we've made this year. Be sure to visit our Flickr page for photos of our food faux pas.
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Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, often served after a morning event or prior to an afternoon one … and it's one of our favorite meal occasions. In this week's show, we share two recipes. The first is for Raspberry Breakfast Cake … a recipe we adapted from Gourmet magazine. Our second dish for Easy Enchilada Casserole first appeared in our cookbook, and it's a favorite among our loyal Meal Makeover Moms' following! We use meat-free grounds in the recipe so it's ideal for vegetarians, but you could also use ground beef, turkey or chicken and it would be just as yummy.
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In this week's show, we chomp our way through autumn's finest apples. With names like Fuji, Honey Crisp, Jonah Gold, and Rome, who could resist. To celebrate one of nature's crispiest, crunchiest fruits, we share two recipes during the show. The first is a recipe for Baked Apples with Walnut & Dried Fruit Filling, inspired by a recipe we found in Eating Well magazine. We also have a recipe for Sautéed Cinnamon Apples which Janice created as a side dish for roasted pork.
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