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On this week's show, we answer many of the questions we hear on the soccer field sideline and in the basketball stands: "What are the best kinds of carbs for kids?" "Does protein really build strong muscles, and do kids who play sports need more than kids who don't?" And, "are sports drinks really necessary?" To help us answer those questions and many more, Nancy Clark, author of Nancy Clark's Sport's Nutrition Guidebook, joins us in the studio. Nancy also share some of kid-friendly recipes from her book: Sugar & Spice Trail Mix, Homemade Sports Drink, and Crushed Tortilla Chip Casserole.
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'Tis the season for baby and bridal showers. If you're looking for clever party ideas or delicious and nutritious recipes, this is the show for you! On today's Cooking with the Moms, we're joined by Emily Miles Terry, author of Postcards from the Bump: A Chick's Guide to Getting to Know the Baby in Your Belly. Emily shares two recipes: Little Monkey Muffins and Pasta Salad with Chicken, Tomatoes, and Corn, and she offers some really cool party themes for your next bridal or baby shower. Some of our favorite themes are "Once Upon a Time," "Green/Eco-Friendly," and "Showered with Advice."
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Did you know that our food choices have as much of an impact on the planet as the cars we drive? In fact, the average American's diet creates an estimated 2.8 tons of carbon emissions each year – that's more than we generate through driving. On this week's podcast, we're joined by Kate Geagan, author of Eat Green, Get Lean. She offers tips for eating green – compost your food waste, join a CSA, buy energy efficient appliances – along with two delicious recipes: Hearty Corn Muffins and Tofu Cashew Stir-Fry with Sugar Snap Peas.
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Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin – is best known as the vitamin that cured rickets. But today, vitamin D is being hailed for doing much more. It helps the body absorb calcium, so it maintains healthy bones and helps prevent osteoporosis (10 million Americans over the age of 50 are diagnosed with the "brittle bone" disease every year). New research suggests that vitamin D may also protect against certain cancers, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune diseases. Good dietary sources are fortified foods such as milk, yogurt, margarines and cereals, catfish, sardines, salmon, tuna and egg yolks. Our two featured recipes in today's show can help to boost your vitamin D intake: Banana Split Smoothie and Grilled Mozzarella & Smoked Salmon Panini.
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