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If your kids suffer from brown bag boredom, try packing their school lunch in a bento box. Bento boxes are traditionally used in Japan for storing separate small dishes that comprise an individual meal – most often lunch. The boxes are beautifully designed, and a staggering 12 million bento-box meals are sold each day. You don't have to live in Japan though to use a bento box. For school-age kids, there are plenty of simple, plastic bento boxes to choose from (we like the boxes from In this week's show, we share some bento packing tips as well as favorite school lunch and snack ideas from blog readers and podcast listeners. We also serve up our newest recipe for Thousand Island Roast Beef Wraps.
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Legumes are some of the healthiest foods on the planet yet they are often misunderstood. Legumes include thousands of plants -- beans, lentils, peanuts, peas, and soybeans -- that have seed pods split along both sides when ripe. Ask most people, "what’s a legume?" and you’ll hear a bunch of answers such as, "a body of water," or "a grassy swampy area," (lagoon) and "stockings" or "socks" (leggings)! Legumes are packed with protein, fiber, iron, folate and other health enhancing nutrients. The two kid-friendly recipes in this show are Mexican Lasagna featuring black beans and Peanut Butter Power Cookies featuring peanuts, a legume and not a nut.
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On today's show we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some Irish inspired recipes. Though neither one of us is Irish, we never miss an opportunity to celebrate the foods and flavors of any holiday. For St. Patrick's Day, we take traditional corned beef and use it in a slimmed down, more nutritious version of corned beef hash (did you know a 1-cup serving of canned corned beef hash over 1,600 mg of sodium?). You're going to love our recipe for Corned Beef & Carrot Hash. We also take traditional Irish bread pudding and give it a makeover for our Better-for-You Bread Pudding.
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On today's show, we share tips and tricks for putting the kibosh on your kids' moans and groans at the dinner table. For us, there's nothing worse than spending precious time on making dinner only to have the kids complain and whine when it's served. That's why today's show is called, No Whine with Dinner. Our goal is to show you how to make mealtime pleasant and peaceful and to ultimately bring better nutrition to your family table. Some of our tips include establishing a "zero tolerance whine policy," hiring the kids to be recipe reviewers (click here for a copy of our Recipe Reviewer Chart), and making mealtime fun and enjoyable by using pretty placemats, lighting a candle, using a Lazy Susan, etc.
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