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If you think fast meals mean a dinner of fast food, takeout, or pizza, we'll prove that even if you have no more than five minutes to spare, it's still possible – not impossible -- to get a super healthy meal on the table. In this show, we whip up two five-minute recipes: Last-Minute Black Bean Soups and Meatball Submarines. We also take you into our kitchens for the inside scoop on some of our favorite healthy convenience ingredients.
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When trick-or-treaters are given the choice between super-sized candy bars and fistfuls of candy or a toy (i.e. a glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball or a cool Halloween pencil), they choose the toy 50% of the time. In other words, non-food treats are often just as fun as gooey goodies and sticky lollipops. In this show, we serve up tips for healthier Halloween handouts and good-for-you party foods. We also feature a recipe your little ghosts and goblins will surely gobble up: Spooky Chocolate Pumpkin Cake.
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If you're stuck in a cheese pizza rut or if the only form of pasta your kids will eat is mac & cheese, you're going to love the pizza and pasta recipes featured in this show. First up, we have a recipe for Cheeseburger Pizza -- mini English muffin pizzas topped with sauteed lean ground beef, red bell peppers and gooey cheese. Next, we have a fall-inspired recipe for Cheese Ravioli with Pumpkin Sauce! Also on the show ... why vitamin C does a lot more for your health than fight the common cold.
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On today's show, we feature two of our favorite pancake recipes: Hearty Cornmeal Apple Pancakes (Janice's number-one pick) and Blueberry Banana Pancakes (a staple at Liz's house). Each recipe is packed with great nutrition – we use whole grains, healthy oils, eggs, and fruit -- and is super appealing to kids. One of the best things about pancakes is their versatility. They're not just for breakfast … they're perfect for dinner too, especially when you're pressed for time or the fridge and freezer are bare. Tune in for tips on adding more whole grains to your family's diet.
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As dietitians and busy moms, the number-one mealtime question we get from fellow parents is, "How can I get my picky eater to try new foods?" So in this show, we answer that all-too-common question with tips and tricks to entice your kids to eat their vegetables (and any other new food for that matter). We also have two incredibly kid-friendly recipes that are sure to please everyone at your table: Mommy's Edamames and Have-it-Your-Way Tacos.
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