Cooking with the Moms
There's an assumption out there that kids hate vegetables, and the only way to choke them down is to cook, puree, and conceal them in everything from gooey brownies to the breading on chicken nuggets. While vegetables can be a tough sell with some kids, with the featured recipes in this show --- Perfect Parsnip Fries and Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts – even the pickiest eaters will be tempted to eat their vegetables.
Perfect Parsnip Fries
Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts
Bean Recipes:
Read Veggie Love in Kiwi Magazine
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Even though the school year is winding down, many parents still face the daily challenge of packing a healthy and delicious school lunch. If lunch box boredom is an issue for you and your kids, you’ll love the recipes featured in our podcast, Scoop-it-Up Tuna Salad and Fruit and Chicken Kebabs.
Scoop-it-Up Tuna Salad
Fruity & Chicken Kebabs
Brochure: Recess Before Lunch
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On average, kids consume over 850 snacks a year. In this show, Janice and Liz explain how snack time provides an ideal opportunity for filling in the nutritional gaps in a child’s diet. Featured recipes in this show include Juicy Mango Jigglers and Chocolaty Pumpkin Bars.
Juicy Mango Jigglers
Juicy Strawberry Jigglers
Chocolaty Pumpkin Bars
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Get to know your hosts this week...
Cowboy Breakfast Wraps
Halftime Taco Chili
Sweet Potato Fries
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
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