Cooking with the Moms

Snacks provide an excellent way for getting more nutrients into your kid's diets between meals. But the reality is that kids today are snacking more than ever before...and on the wrong stuff. Research shows that chips, cookies, crackers, sugary drinks, and highly-processed foods are among the most common snacks for children. From youth sports and school to camp and church, kids can't do anything these days without getting a packaged snack to go along with it. To the rescue is Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD from Real Mom Nutrition with her new e-book, The Snacktivist's Handbook. Packed with tips, sample letters to coaches and teachers, and recipes, you can download this valuable resource on Sally's website. It makes a great gift or stocking stuffer. Tune in to this week's podcast for Sally's best-ever healthy snack tips. 


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